Winter 2015 supplies

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May 042015

It is some time since I posted on the site but I have some good news.  There were many more juvenile bellbirds and tuis around Otatara this past Summer, thanks to good work from a minority of our residents.  There are a few more people trapping or using bait stations to control mainly rats, and […]

Aug 172012

Just a reminder to call at 49 Bryson Road, Wednesday afternoons 3-6pm or Saturdays, 10 am to 12.30 pm to top up your bait buckets or get new bait stations, traps etc so that you can keep the pests at bay and help the native birds have a good breeding season this year. There are […]

Jul 132012

Peter Simpson of 433 Oreti Road has made contact with Pestbusters.  Since mid-January he has been trapping various pests on his, and his neighbour’s large properties and these are his results up till now. 92 Rabbits 7 Possums 3 Magpies 4 Cats Peter now has a ‘Pestbusters’ letterbox sign to show that he is definitely doing […]

Jul 122012

A wax tag monitor for possums and rats was conducted in the last weeks of June, involving placing 40 wax tags out in several of the reserves – Otatara, John Street, Raeburn and Matua. The results are good!  Only one possum bite mark was found over the seven day deployment, and one rat, leaving a […]

Jun 122012
Small sections have rats too!

We often hear local people say they can’t have rats as they have only a small section, with no bush and all the section is nicely laid out in lawns, gardens etc. Well think again!  This photo is of a rat in a compost bin on a quarter-acre section in Watt Road.  It gave the […]

Mar 192012
More young birds

Just a note from May and Russell to say that we have two young kereru in care at Bush Haven, from the Marama Avenue South area – they are not injured but may have come out of their nests early due to the strong winds a while back. We also have reports of more tuis around […]

Mar 192012

People on our list of Pestbusters now total 107!  If you are visiting this website and live in Otatara, and if you are trapping or poisoning rats, possums or stoats on your property, we need your names! It doesn’t cost you anything to be on the list but we want to show a flag on […]

Feb 192012
Kereru Count

Forest & Bird have launched a nationwide ‘kereru count’ from 19 to 27 February.  Please see the website, to add any kereru seen in your area.  It would be great to have an accurate count of the birds in Southland, especially Otatara as we know our own ‘Bubs’ who regularly breeds and comes to […]

Mar 082011
Letterbox sign

On Saturday, 5 March 2011 we launched our letterbox signs to show that we care about the future of the birds in Otatara by eradicating some of the pests that predate nesting birds. These signs are given to all residents when product is purchased, to display on their letterbox.