Jun 282014

Just a reminder to all Otatara people of two special nights coming up soon! The first, is to celebrate 10,000 hours of work at Bushy Point, successful pestbusting, Native Bird rescue and much more with a family night of Piping in and addressing the Haggis, a meal of Haggis, neeps and tatties; BYO dessert to […]

Apr 132014

Bird life has been remarkable this year and at our place in particular we get comments from visitors about the bird song.  Thanks for all the good work those of you pest-busting have done!  A reminder to everyone to come to 49 Bryson Road this week, either Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning, or by phoning […]

Springtime again

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Oct 142013

As you can tell by the wet weather just now, it is Spring again – the birds are doing their thing and we feel there are more birds around this year, thanks to all those busy Otatara Pestbusters. But we know there are still many of you who do not think they have rats as […]

Jul 222013

Attention all Pestbusters! Tim Riding has now left Southland and resides in Wellington. Our new ‘man in the office’ [and in the field] is Derek Richards, more young helpful blood to keep us in the picture with ES. Randall Milne remains his off-sider and frequently delivers bait etc to 49 Bryson Road and Russell is […]

Feb 112013

Hi folks, many people have reported more bellbirds and tuis around this summer – perhaps it has something to do with the fact that some people are keeping predators at bay? However we do need you to spread the word and get your neighbours also protecting the birds and the bush from rats and possums. […]