May 102011

Hello fellow Pestbusters!

From a recent Pestbusters committee meeting, there are several points that may be of interest for you:

* There are over 90 people now on our contact list with about two-thirds of those actually ‘pest-busting’.

* There are still some people on the list who haven’t let us know what ‘pestbusting’ they’re doing.

* Please talk to your neighbours and friends in Otatara and encourage them to join our group to help the bush and the birds.

* With the grants we received from ICC and ES, you will never get cheaper access to pest control equipment.

* Mice and rats could be coming into buildings with the cooler weather so it may be a good time to set bait stations/traps outside homes, around compost bins, and in outbuildings.

* Peanut butter encourages mice and rats into new traps, and hides the smell of humans on them.

* Reminder to purchase more rat and mice bait from 49 Bryson Road, as you run out.

* Remember to check your bait stations either weekly or fortnightly.  If you find bait not being taken, continue to check occasionally as there could be pests coming from a different area looking for food – there will obviously be food shortages in various areas.

* We’re starting to see the benefit of pestbusting in Otatara with reports of more fantails and bellbirds in some areas.  On our own property, we’ve noticed the bush is regenerating better since we began targeting rats and mice.

* One member killed 42 possums in the bush on his boundary over the past couple of years – CAN YOU BEAT THAT?

* STOATS – we haven’t heard of any caught yet – whoever can give us proof of a first catch will get a bottle of wine – contact Russell at 49 Bryson Road.

* Russell has packs of frozen, salted rabbit available for people with stoat traps to use for bait

* Pestbusters committee and a few extras hope to be starting pesbusting in some of the local reserves later in the year – let us know if you are available to help –

* Once again, Pestbusters equipment is available from 49 Bryson Road on Wednesdays, 3-6 pm and Saturday mornings, 9 – midday.  Come to the garage as we may not be in the house at present owing to a kitchen fire.

Keep warm, and keep the pests out!


May Evans


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