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Hello again


Firstly, I would like to welcome new members to our team, and also congratulate those of you who are successfully trapping/poisoning.  


I would encourage those on the database to contact us at bush_haven@slingshot.co.nz and tell us what pest eradication methods they are presently using on their properties, so that we can work out what is happening in each area of Otatara.  If you are on the list it seems logical that you must be doing something along these lines; whether it is feeding the tuis or using pest control methods.  Either way what you are doing is very important in assisting the native birds, which is our ultimate goal.


If you require any further bait or products, please contact Russell or May at bush_haven@slingshot.co.nz or call between 3pm – 6pm Wednesdays, OR 9am to 12 noon Saturdays at 49 Bryson Road.


The prices are as advised in the last newsletter, a little up on the first open day but still subsidized and thanks to Environment Southland, still a lot cheaper than you can buy retail.  Price list also at the end of this newsletter.


Remember to email your results to Edith Jones, at edithj@xtra.co.nz


OPEN DAY, Saturday, 6 November – Community Nursery and Bush Haven


On the above date between 1 and 4pmfeel free to come to Bush Haven – 49 Bryson Road or the Community Nursery – 185 Grant Road for Open Days.  Both venues will have someone to give you advice on pest products and take orders; bait stations and poison available at Bush Haven.  It would also be great if some of you came along to talk about your success stories to other visitors.


Also at Bush Haven, at1.30pmwe will be releasing three wood pigeons [kereru] from the rehab aviary.  The birds can fly around our bush and back into the soft-release aviary for several days until they decide to go back to their home territory, a few kilometers away and there will be food in the aviary for them if they need it.


This is what we are pestbusters for – to give the birds a better chance!


We would also like you to talk to your neighbours and encourage them to become pestbusters.  It may be that you do not need to purchase a lot of products each but could share in something like a Possum Master or Doc 200 trap for stoats and ferrets, and move these around between several properties.



Remember, the more people participating the better it will be for everyone, cheaper and better results.


A success story from Brian Rance….


“Chris and I live near the end ofGrant Road.  On our 14 acres we have some bush, forest restoration plantings, ponds, garden, shelter belts, other blocks of native plantings as well as our home and sheds.  The bush area is part of the Bushy Point pest control area; however most of the property is not.  We thought that we should expand the pest control onto the rest of our farmlet which would form a buffer to Bushy Point. 


“We put out a network of rat bait stations and a few possum traps in early Autumn.  This network included the bush edge, around the pond and associated plantings, along shelter belts, in both sheds, our garage and beside the compost bins.  At first there was much bait take, especially along the roadside and forest edge;  however with putting out some additional rat bait stations this bait take quickly slowed.  For the last few months there has been little take and I only check these once a week or fortnight now. 


“There have already been two benefits.  Firstly this winter has been the first year in the 18 years that we have been here that we have not had rats and mice in the ceiling.  Fernbirds have taken up residence around the pond plantings and have even been heard in plantings around our house.  We are enjoying the benefits of the control and the regular checking gives me a good idea of what is happening around the farmlet.  “


Thanks for that Brian, just another insight into why we’re ‘pestbusters’


Russell has been poisoning rats on our property at49 Bryson Road, and we have a lot more tuis than in previous years;  we also believe we have tuis nesting in our bush; and we haven’t caught any possums for about a year.


That’s it from me for now…please email Edith with your success stories, May with details of what you’re doing on your property, and we hope to see you on 6 November at either Grant or Bryson Road.





May Evans

Otatara Pestbusters

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