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 Hello again

Once again, I would like to welcome new members to our team, and also congratulate those of you who are successfully trapping/poisoning.  

 I have attached my list of pestbusters. If you do not wish to be on the list please let me know.  Also in the Notes column you will see I have put what pest control I believe you are undertaking.  Please let me know if this is wrong, or if you can add your pest control methods. If you are on the list it seems logical that you must be doing something along these lines; whether it is feeding the tuis or using pest control methods.  Either way what you are doing is very important in assisting the native birds, which is our ultimate goal.

 We are making up a plan of Otatara showing where people are controlling pests, and would like your patch to be on it.

 If you require any further bait or products, please contact Russell or May at or call between 3pm – 6pm Wednesdays, OR 9am to 12 noon Saturdays at 49 Bryson Road.

 The price list is once again at the end of this newsletter. [Removed]

 Remember to email your results to Edith Jones, at

 In case you’re interested, one of the three kereru released on 6 November immediately made its way back to where it had come from inVyner Road– it was seen there within a few days of release, looking good.

 We would also like you to talk to your neighbours and encourage them to become pestbusters.  It may be that you do not need to purchase a lot of products each but could share in something like a Possum Master or Doc 200 trap for stoats and ferrets, and move these around between several properties.  It is not enough to tell us that so and so is interested.  We need THEM to contact us with details.

 Remember, the more people participating the better it will be for everyone, cheaper and better results.  There are more tuis and bellbirds around this year

 That’s it from me for now…please email Edith with your success stories, and May with details of what you’re doing on your property.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and successful pestbusting!

 May Evans

Otatara Pestbusters

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