Jan 312012

                           ARE YOU A PESTBUSTER?  WEBSITE NOW OPEN

Otatara Pestbusters now have a website, www.otatara-pestbusters.org for you to visit, to keep in touch with our achievements.  Look at the map and see where the flags are: Pestbusters committee are covering the ICC Reserves. It’s time for all Otatara people to look after their properties.

We’ve all got rats!  And some of us have possums too.  And even stoats!  They’re out while we’re sleeping and they’re eating baby birds.  You can protect the birds by purchasing some basic products as below.  With one or more bait stations, depending on your property size, and a possum master you will be well set up at the low initial cost of $43.

 First – rat bait stations  – below – these cost $8 complete with wire, large poison bait and as shown are easy to keep replenished.  No need to touch bait, which is secure in the centre of the long tunnel, away from pets. Replacement bait is $3.00 for large, 30 cents for small blocks.


 Second – above  is the possum master, valued at $35, which is fitted onto a tree well out of the reach of pets.  These can also be seen under the ‘products’ tab, along with other types of traps.

 We know there are also many people in Otatara who are already trapping or poisoning the predators on their properties – we need to know who you are to add your flag to the map.  Drop us a line on the ‘comments’ section of the website or email at bush.haven@kinect.co.nz and call in at 49 Bryson Road to pick up your letterbox sign.  See below.  They are springing up all over the place!


You are welcome to call at 49 Bryson Road on Wednesday afternoons, 3.30 to 6.0m, or

 Saturday mornings, 9.30 am to 12.30 pm for advice or to purchase products.  If Russell doesn’t have what you want in stock, we can quickly order and have it available for you.  Products are all heavily subsidized – cheaper than otherwise available.



  2 Responses to “WEBSITE OPENING”

  1. Well done May !!! Congratz on the website.

    • In reply to your comment about cats, we do consider wild cats predators but there are so many people, including ourselves, with cats that we really can’t start trying to kill them off. This is a residential area and we don’t wish to harm anyone’s pets.

      However we do recommend keeping cats in at night until well after sunrise so they can’t attack birds when they are sleeping, and trying bells on young, agile cats.

      Hope that answers your query.

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