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Hello again Pestbusters


Once again, I would like to welcome new members to our team, and also congratulate those of you who are successfully trapping/poisoning.  It is now the most important part of the year for the birds, and we hope you will check your traps and come to buy more poison as you run out, to ensure a safe environment for our breeding birds. 


The first thing I have to tell you is that Pestbusters committee have undertaken to trap/poison the council reserves at Otatara.  ICC have provided the bait stations and Pestbusters are doing the rest, with of course the assistance of  Environment Southland.  Traps and bait stations are now set up in the reserves.


Secondly and VERY IMPORTANT – Someone has been shooting kereru with a slug gun in the Robert Road area – residents please keep an eye out for this irresponsible person as our birds are too precious to be killed and maimed!


Pestbusters have been fortunate to receive a generous donation from Geoff Timpany, Contractor and we ask that you support Geoff if you require any of his type of work done – see the advertisement in Pigeon Post.  Thankyou Geoff.  We’re happy to accept donations from other businesses who wish to assist our work.


I have once again attached my list of pestbusters. If you do not wish to be on the list please let me know.  I also have another list of people not trapping.  If you haven’t purchased any bait over the last few months you should look at replenishing your supplies. In the Notes column you will see I have put what pest control I believe you are undertaking.  Please let me know if this is wrong, or if you can add your pest control methods. If you are on the list it seems logical that you must be doing some sort of pest control. This is very important in assisting the native birds, which is our ultimate goal.


We are making up a plan of Otatara showing where people are controlling pests, and would like your patch to be on it.   This plan will be in our garage and local dairy when we get it done.  Encourage neighbours to join and get their tui decals.


In our last newsletter we stated that the first person to get a stoat and bring it to us would receive a bottle of wine – well Ian Gamble has produced a freshly caught stoat so he will receive his bottle shortly.  Also the 100th person to be trapping will likewise get a bottle – this will happen soon so it may be one of your friends or neighbours.


If you require any further bait or products, please contact Russell or May at or call between 3pm – 6pm Wednesdays, OR 9.30am to 12.30 pm Saturdays at 49 Bryson Road.  We will not be around this Wednesday, 24th but will hopefully be here on Saturday, and remember if you can’t make it to either day you can always phone and arrange a suitable time to come – 2130530.  Please note different email address.


The price list is once again at the end of this newsletter.


Remember to email your results to Edith Jones, at and May with details of what you’re doing on your property.


We would also like you to talk to your neighbours and encourage them to become pestbusters.  It may be that you do not need to purchase a lot of products each but could share in something like a Possum Master or Doc 200 trap for stoats and ferrets, and move these around between several properties.  It is not enough to tell us that someone is interested.  We need THEM to contact us with details.


Remember, the more people participating the better it will be for everyone, cheaper and better results.  There are more tuis and bellbirds around this year



May Evans

Otatara Pestbusters

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