Mar 192012

People on our list of Pestbusters now total 107!  If you are visiting this website and live in Otatara, and if you are trapping or poisoning rats, possums or stoats on your property, we need your names!

It doesn’t cost you anything to be on the list but we want to show a flag on your property so that we have an accurate and up to date picture of properties in Otatara under some form of pest control.

We know there are many people who have been trapping or poisoning rats or possums for many years but we really want your property marked on the plan, so please contact May on 2130530 or email with your details. 

In exchange we will drop off a letterbox sign for you to affix to your letterbox, either on the front of older style, or on the side of modern plastic types.  This will let your friends and neighbours know you care for the birdlife in Otatara.

Also we can sell you poison baits for your rat bait stations, subsidised by Environment Southland – a much cheaper rate than buying locally.

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