Jul 122012

A wax tag monitor for possums and rats was conducted in the last weeks of June, involving placing 40 wax tags out in several of the reserves – Otatara, John Street, Raeburn and Matua.

The results are good!  Only one possum bite mark was found over the seven day deployment, and one rat, leaving a BMI [bite mark index] of 2.5%, which means both of these animals are in really low numbers in these locations.  That’s really good!

For a rough comparison, the Bushy Point block was last monitored in 2009 using wax tags, and at that time they had a BMI of 23% for possums, and 17% for rats.

Bottom line – what the Otatara Pestbusters are doing in the reserves and on their properties is working. We are reducing the numbers of pests that are in our bush, so for all your hardworking volunteers, and keen back-yarders, keep up the good work – it’s paying off!

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