Jul 132012

Peter Simpson of 433 Oreti Road has made contact with Pestbusters.  Since mid-January he has been trapping various pests on his, and his neighbour’s large properties and these are his results up till now.

92 Rabbits

7 Possums

3 Magpies

4 Cats

Peter now has a ‘Pestbusters’ letterbox sign to show that he is definitely doing his part for the birdlife at Otatara.  Well done Peter and thanks for making contact.

I’m sure there are many more residents who have been either poisoning or trapping pests – we want to put a flag at your property on our website so please get in touch with us and let us know what you are doing.

Although we are not generally targetting cats as there are many pets out there it is well known that many cats are dropped off in Otatara from town and these turn wild so should be eliminated.

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