May 062013



Hello again Pestbusters. It is some time since I sent out a newsletter, but we have slowly been adding Otatara people to the list and now have over 120 names – however we don’t believe everyone on our list is active, nor is everyone in Otatara who is doing some form of pest control even on the list!  We encourage you to get neighbours and friends in Otatara who are already controlling their properties for pests to get in touch, so that we can include them on the list, and put pins on the map we have on display.

 Looking at our records, some of you have not replaced your initial bait since joining.  Does this mean you are not now actively protecting your property?  If so, please do something about this now.  We also hope you will encourage your neighbours to work with you to help improve the birds’ breeding situation after the winter. 

From Saturday afternoon, 11th May, Russell and May will be on holiday for six weeks and there will be other people at 49 Bryson Road over this period.

 If you require bait or traps during this time please phone Randall on 2130851, or Dave Whelan on 2130602, or Dave Simpson on 2130424 in the evenings, to arrange pickup on Saturday mornings. You will still need to meet them at 49 Bryson Road at a time suitable to them.

Don’t forget to look at our website and email us at if you have obvious success, so that this can be included in our records.  We have not had very much feedback over the past year so any results would be welcome.

Remember that rats don’t ever stop breeding.  Over the winter they will eat anything on the forest floor including seeds, which would otherwise help the birds in the springtime when they need the food for their chicks… so we must continue to be vigilant and keep the bad critters’ numbers down!

The last year’s breeding season improved for the birds due partly to the fact that Pestbusters members are still taking care of the ICC reserves. New member Peter Simpson will soon be looking after the Otatara South Reserve once he and other members do the initial setting up of traps and bait stations. If you want to assist with any of these reserves please let us know, you will be very welcome.

 We are still supported by the Invercargill City Council and Environment Southland, and I have attached the pricelist for traps, bait stations, poison etc to this newsletter.

 Remember, the more people participating the better it will be for everyone, cheaper and better results.  There are more tuis and bellbirds around this year

 May Evans

Otatara Pestbusters




Timms equivalent possum kill trap                $13

Possum Master possum kill trap                        $35

DOC 200 stoat trap stainless steel                    $52

DOC 200 stoat double trap set box (S/S)    $150

DOC 200 stoat single trap set box (S/S)         $83.50

OLG tube rat bait stations                                       $ 5.00

Contrac rat poison blocks – small                       $0.30

Contrac rat poison blocks – large                         $4.00

Poison Bait Buckets with bait purchases of $10+   free

Victor rat snap trap                                                         $3.00

Victor mouse snap trap                                               $3 for 2

Trex Rat snap trap                                                            $6

Trex mouse snap trap                                                    $3 

Plastic rat trap tunnel                                                 $10

Remember you could buy DOC 200s or Possum masters between a few neighbours and swap them around between you!

Bait stations really need to stay on each property but are not very expensive.  Rats are everywhere!

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