Jul 222013

Attention all Pestbusters!

Tim Riding has now left Southland and resides in Wellington. Our new ‘man in the office’ [and in the field] is Derek Richards, more young helpful blood to keep us in the picture with ES.

Randall Milne remains his off-sider and frequently delivers bait etc to 49 Bryson Road and Russell is back on board with product available after a phonecall, or Wednesday afternoon/ Saturday morning availability.

We have plenty of bait  available plus a few traps for possums. You may have seen that Russell and May received a Highly Commended Environment Award recently for their work with Otatara Pestbusters. Thanks to Jenny Campbell for the nomination and thanks to all those protecting their bush and sections. 

Peter Simpson is busy looking after the new Otatara South Reserve with DoC funding, and other members of the team are continuing in the other ICC reserves. We hope you will spread the word and get more neighbours on board looking after their own properties to help the birds this Spring.

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