Apr 132014

Bird life has been remarkable this year and at our place in particular we get comments from visitors about the bird song.  Thanks for all the good work those of you pest-busting have done! 

A reminder to everyone to come to 49 Bryson Road this week, either Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning, or by phoning beforehand, to get your supplies of bait for the winter and spring.

We are away on holiday for several weeks from 20 April and don’t want our house-sitter to worry about pest supplies, so if you need any supplies while we are away, please phone Randall= 2130851, Dave Simpson= 2130424 or Dave Whelan = 2130602.   You can then work in with them to pick up supplies.

There are still many properties not represented so we ask for your assistance – please talk to your neighbours to get them into controlling pests on their properties!  This will help your pocket as well. Remember that bait is much cheaper buying through us rather than going to retail shops.

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