May 042015

It is some time since I posted on the site but I have some good news.  There were many more juvenile bellbirds and tuis around Otatara this past Summer, thanks to good work from a minority of our residents.  There are a few more people trapping or using bait stations to control mainly rats, and a few possums, but there are also people who have signed up a few years ago, and not been back for supplies.  These people are not really pestbusters!

Dave has been busy updating the flags and you should be able to spot your property on the Pestbusters map.  Also look up and see Otatara on the map. We are in the competition.

You all need to talk to your neighbours and encourage them to also trap/poison so that you are not carrying all the burden.  Rats breed every six weeks and young have to go out and look for areas of their own so reinfestation is bound to occur if your neighbours are not doing their bit as well as you!

This Autumn seems to have brought lots of rats into the roof of Otatara homes.  If this is your problem you need to trap or poison outside the house as you do NOT want dead rats in the ceilings, getting smelly.

We will be away after 9 May but if you need bait or products please phone Dave Simpson, 2130424 or Randall Milne, 2130851 to arrange a time to collect bait etc or order any other products.

There will be family staying in the house and looking after the birds while we are away, but they are not authorised to deal with bait or pest products.

Russell has good supplies of bait if you come visit at 49 Bryson Road before 9 May.

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