Jul 082017

As of today, there are over 200 names on our Pestbusters list.  Of course, several of these people have moved away or are not now actively controlling pests on their properties.  We have new supplies of bait and can get traps if required with a few days’ notice. Russell and I have just updated the pins on the noticeboard and the Otatara map looks quite impressive, but there are many areas with few pins – please talk to your neighbours and get them on board.

However, if you are moving or are contemplating doing so, please let the new owners know about Pestbusters, and maybe leave the bait stations etc that you have on the property for them. We are all fighting the introduced pests, it is not a slur on the property owner, and we are definitely helping the birds!

Remember the bait you purchase here is subsidised by the ES and ICC cover the cost of bait for rats in the reserves around Otatara, so it will save you money by belonging to our group. Now is the time to get into the little devils, while numbers are low and before they have a chance to get breeding in the Spring.

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