The Price List below is for all Otatara Pestbuster members.  It is subsidised by Evironment Southland. Supplies are available from Russell Evans at 49 Bryson Road, Wednesday afternoons 3 – 6pm or Saturday 10.00 am to 12.30 pm.  If products are not available, Russell will order them from Environment Southland.    Images of the products are shown here.

Product Price
Timms eqivalent possum kill trap $13.00
Possum Master possum kill trap, with instructions $35.00
DOC 200 stoat trap stainless steel $52.00
DOC 200 stoat double trap set box (S/S) $150.00
DOC 200 stoat single trap set box (S/S) $83.50
OLG rat bait stations $5.00
Contrac rat poison blocks – small $0.30
Contrac rat poison blocks – large $3.00
Poison Bait Buckets with bait purchases of $10 or more free
Victor rat snap trap $3.00
Victor mouse snap trap (2) $3.00
Trex Rat snap trap $6.00
Trex mouse snap trap $3.00
Plastic rat trap tunnel [Philproof] $10.00
Starter Pack (Special Offer)  
1 Timms trap
6 OLG rat bait stations
6 x Contrac rat poison blocks – large
18 x Contrac rat poison blocks – small
Poison bait bucket
2 x Victor rat snap traps